Tuesday Morning Microblading

This lovely lady has some great skin, and now she doesn’t have to do nearly as much in the morning to compliment it, especially with a little boy to look after. It’s so gratifying to have a hand in making people feel beautiful and confident. 

I love Microblading!!

Fine Wine

Burgundy and plum tones make green eyes look divine (I know you can’t see them, but they’re spring green as can be). Mixing custom colors creates multidimensional tones that play in the light. #nofilter indeed. 

Microblade Magic

My sweet mom let me practice Microblading on her. Thyroid issues and medication side effects caused her to lose a lot of the hair in her brows around the time I was born. She had previously tried permanent makeup to fill in the space and was scared off by the pain of the experience. One session later and she tells everyone how happy she is to have brows for the first time in years, and how painless it was. I LOVE performing Microblading, but hearing her so excited about it is the part that gets me really pumped for my next clients. It’s special to be able to help someone feel wonderful everyday. 

Rose Gold Redefinition

Sometimes a client needs a transformation to redefine themselves, and every now and then I get to be a part of a massive transformation. It takes a large time investment to preserve the health of the hair, but it’s worth every minute when you put down the brush and the blow dryer and see your masterpiece.